The ancient city of Sumhuram, built in the area of Khor Rori, is the most important pre-Islamic settlement in the Dhofar region. After the investigations of the American expedition directed by W. Phillips and F. Albright, the Italian Mission to Oman (IMTO), directed by prof. A. Avanzini, is now working in the area of Khor Rori.


The Arabian Peninsula in the pre-Islamic period was home to a numerous and diverse cultures. The DASI project seeks to gather all known pre-Islamic Arabian epigraphic material, which provide our only primary source for the history of Ancient Arabia, into a comprehensive online database which can be accessed from anywhere in the world.


The Museo Nazionale d'Arte Orientale in Rome houses important collections that were formed from an initial property of the Istituto Italiano per il Medio ed Estremo Oriente, presently the Istituto Italiano per l'Africa e l'Oriente. It has been enriched over the years thanks to purchases, donations, exchanges with various Asian countries and Italian archaeological missions and opened to public in 1958.


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International Fellowships in Pattanam Archaeology Research and KCHR Fellowships/... The Kerala Council for Historical Research is an autonoumous research centre of the University of Kerala having bilateral academic and exchange agreements with various universities and research institutes in India and abroad.  For the year 2014-'15 the KCHR offers several...

Visions of Oman: from Ptolemy to the Present

A seminar and an exhibition hosted by the Royal Geographical Society focusing on environmental... The seminar entitled "The Natural Heritage of the Sultanate of Oman: Field Science in Oman - Past, Present and Future" will be hosted on Tuesday 4 March 2014 by the National Field Research Centre for Environmental Conservation, Sultanate of Oman at the Royal Geogra...

Rome and the Red Sea

Materials of the conference available The conference "Rome and the Red Sea: from Augustus to Diocletian" (University of Pisa, October, 30th) has been an opportunity for fruitful discussion on Rome’s relations with the Red Sea basin and India during the Imperial age. Prof. Speidel from the University of Bern illustrated the ...


Oman: Faces and Places. November 1977

Aida Al Rowas 2014, Muscat: Dar Al Sorat LLC, pp. 271. ISBN: 978 99969-1-158-3
When Aida Al Rowas came to the Sultanate of Oman in November 1977, it was a quite different country. Invited with a group of journalists for the Seventh National Day to Muscat, she ventured into the hearthland, capturing with her camera "places and faces" met along her way....

In the Desert Margins. The Settlement Process in the ancient South and East Arabia

Michel Mouton and Jérémie Schiettecatte 2014, L'ERMA di BRETSCHNEIDER, 334 pp., ISBN...
Ancient Arabia has promptly been pictured as a vast empty desert. Yet, for the last 40 years, by digging out of the sand buried cities, archaeological researches deeply reviewed this image. From the second half of the 1st millennium BC to the eve of Islam in East Arabia, and as early as the 8th cen...

Inscriptions from the southern Highlands of Yemen. The Epigraphic Collections of the Museums of Baynūn and Dhamār

Alessia Prioletta 2013, L'ERMA di BRETSCHNEIDER, 408 pp., ISBN: 978-88-913-0001-0
Virtually every city and often even the smallest villages of Yemen have museums where hundreds of antiquities - inscriptions and artefacts - are housed, collections that bear witness to the culture that flourished in southern Arabia between the end of the 2nd millennium BC and the 6th century AD. ...