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A more flexible textual search tool on onomastics allows to broaden or restrict the search among the onomastic categories. The different types of names have been arranged in macro-categories that can be combined with AND/OR logic.
An entirely new section has been opened in order to gather the collections of artifacts catalogued by the DASI team in different museums worldwide.
Furthermore, the Help section has been translated into Arabic.

Oman: Faces and Places. November 1977

Aida Al Rowas 2014, Muscat: Dar Al Sorat LLC, pp. 271. ISBN: 978 99969-1-158-3
When Aida Al Rowas came to the Sultanate of Oman in November 1977, it was a quite different country. Invited with a group of journalists for the Seventh National Day to Muscat, she ventured into the hearthland, capturing with her camera "places and faces" met along her way....