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Activities - 2008

Archaeometric studies at Khor Rori

For some years, IMTO has been working jointly with the Archaeological Superintendency of Tuscany to study the materials from the site at Sumhuram, not only in terms of their typology but also their archaeometric content.


Stone ballasts and ancient maritime routes at Khor Rori

This project is being conducted jointly with the Department of Earth Sciences of the University of Milan. The objective is to study the stone ballasts found in Sumhuram as possible indicators of the sea trade routes that linked the site with other ports of antiquity.


Metallurgy at Khor Rori

The project of IMTO, in cooperation with the University of Florence, Department of Geology, aims at obtaining a general view of metallurgical production in the site.


Cataloguing of the Aden Governorate museums

The cataloguing activity of the CASIS team is being performed in the Aden Governorate


CASIS 2nd training course

Aden is the location selected for the second training course of the project CASIS