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Since 1997 the Mission of University of Pisa (IMTO - Italian Mission To Oman) is working in Oman. The investigation is focused in two different sites: Sumhuram, in the area of Khor Rori, and Salut, in the area of Nizwa. Both the expeditions are directed by Alessandra Avanzini. IMTO is supported by the Italian Ministero degli Affari Esteri - Direzione Generale per la Promozione e la Cooperazione Culturale (DGPCC) - and by the Omani Office to the Adviser to H. M. the Sultan for Cultural Affairs. Several other projects have originated form IMTO dealing with the ancient trade routes between the Mediterranean and the Red Sea.

International collaborations


The research activities in Oman and the investigation on the trade between Mediterranean, Arabia and India have allowed to the Pisa group to create ties with many academic and research institutions.



The Pisa research group regularly produces publications of archaeological topic. They include, but are not limited to, the results of the IMTO investigation activities. Some of them are gathered in the series Arabia Antica under the section Archaeological Studies. Others have the appearance of handy-form books.