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Baynun Museum

The village of Baynun is located in the Governorate of Dhamar, which stretches southwards from the Yemeni capital, Sana, over the great plain of the Jahran region.
Baynun stands north east of Dhamar in the al-Hada district.
In ancient times Baynun, and its territory, has been an important centre under the strong cultural influence of Saba kingdom.
Traces of its glorious past still remain in the ancient site, with its streets, paved with large slabs, the walls that surrounded the city, a temple and what some think was a royal palace.
The modern village of Baynun houses an important Museum of South Arabian antiquities, the largest one of the Dhamar governorate in terms of number of objects and artistic and historical importance.
Director of GOAM: Abdallah Bawazir
Director of the Dhamar Museums: Ali al-Sanabani
Sheikh of Baynun: Ahmad al-Huzeizi