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The Baynun Museum collects more than 70 inscriptions along with many anepigraphic objects, the majority of which are found in Baynun and the surrounding areas and thus witness to the history and culture of those great people who built up the ancient city of Baynun.
The great many unpublished inscriptions give us the first direct epigraphic evidence of these tribes dating back from the early centuries of the first millennium BC to the VI century AD, the last period of the history of South Arabia.
Examples of the religious belief of Baynun’s ancient inhabitants are votive objects such as altars, offering tables, incense burners and stelae with ritual scenes.
The Baynun collection is enriched with a valuable group of bronze objects, comprising animal and human statues, lamps, jewels, utensils.
In 2007 the Museum of Baynun was involved in the Italian-Yemeni project CASIS. Within this project the collection of bronze artefacts of the Museum was restored, catalogued and given as loan to the University of Pisa. In May 2009 an exhibition of the bronzes, after restoration, was organized at Pisa and subsequently replied at Sana the next July.
Photos are courtesy of the Baynun Museum.