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Activities - 2009

CASIS 3rd training course

The third training course foreseen in CASIS project is focused on techniques for restoration of bronze objects


Cataloguing in Yemeni museums

The cataloguing activity in Yemeni Museum by CASIS team goes on with the Regional and the University Museum of Dhamar, the Museum of Ibb and the Museum of Sana University


Art and Technique in Yemen: the exhibition

Exhibition "Art and Technique in Yemen. The bronzes from the Museum of Baynun", borne from the collaboration between the University of Pisa and the Yemeni GOAM, displays in Pisa and Sana the bronze artifacts restored within the project CASIS


Arabia Felix. I Musei dello Yemen ne svelano la storia

The documentary "Arabia Felix. I Musei dello Yemen ne svelano la storia" is conceived, within the project CASIS, in order to value and the promote Yemeni museums and cultural heritage