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Harvard Semitic Museum

The Harvard Semitic Museum is closely related to the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations and Center for Jewish Studies. It preserves its over 40,000 Near Eastern artifacts deriving mostly from museum-sponsored excavations in Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Syria, and Tunisia.

Peabody Museum

The South Arabian artifacts housed in the Peabody Museum are part of a collection of two hundred items. It consists of small artefacts such as stone and bronze pendants, beads and seals, which are inscribed with monograms or propitiatory formulas.

Penn Museum

The Middle East collections of the Pennsylvania University Museum are the result of numerous archaeological and anthropological expeditions conducted around the world. Its valuable collection of South Arabian artefacts, deriving instead from a single purchase, includes more than one hundred pieces.

Yale Babylonian Collection

The Babylonian Collection is part of the Yale University. In addition to its better known Mesopotamian tablets, the Yale Babylonian Collection houses a small selection of South Arabian antiquities.