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2015B field season at Salut and ST1

The 2nd archaeological campaign of 2015 at Salut and the Bronze Age Tower has begun

On November, 2nd a new field season began at the Early Bronze Age site ST1, near Salut.

Works will focus on the investigation of an area inside the main ditch that was secondarily used for daily life activities, as witnessed by the numerous fireplaces discovered there.

Further data on the ancient evolution and soil management in the Bisya oasis will be collected when Prof. Cremaschi, our geoarchaeologist, will join the mission.

While construction works for the new visitors’ centre will start after the restoration of a traditional mudbrick house located north of Salut, a series of test trenches will also be excavated in the area, aiming at collecting further data on the Iron Age settlement pattern.

The same issue will be tackled investigating an area located west of the site where several earthen mounds occasionally cover ruined walls, which seem to be possibly associated with Iron Age pottery. The same area is apparently served by an open channel that will also be cross-cut in order to study the sedimentation inside it.