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Final conferences of MEDINA

Beirut, Saint Joseph University (December, 17th to 18th) and Irbid, Yarmouk University (December, 21st)

The project MEDINA is coming to the end. In the two years of the project many activities have been carried out and many outputs have been produced.

There are among them the digitization of the South Arabian collection of the Museo Nazionale d'Arte Orientale di Roma, the Phoenician collection of the National Museum of Beirut and the Nabataean collection of the Yarmouk University Museum. Moreover trainings on the best practice for the digitization of movable cultural heritage and on the management and communication of museums have been organized. The Nabataean exhibition of the Yarmouk Museum has been renovated as well.

Two final conferences will be held in Beirut - Saint Joseph University on December, 17th to 18th, and Irbid - Yarmouk University on December, 21st. These conferences will be the occasion to present the results of the project and open the Nabataean corner.

MEDINA is glad to invite people interested in the topics of the project. Participation is free of charge.

Download the program of Beirut and that of Irbid.