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Archaeological report of SUM 2015C

Results of the third archaeological campaign of 2015 at Sumhuram made public in the preliminary report

The excavation activities performed in the last archaeological campaign of 2015 at Sumhuram focused on the south-western area of the city, in the square in front of the temple of Sin (A20), in the area in front of the monumental entrance (Area A) and outside the western city-wall.
Investigation was aimed at:

- clarifying the use and direction of the new water channel on the south-west of the so-called “Monumental Building 2” (Area F);

- understanding the early phases of occupation of the city in the residential area of the city (Area A);

- excavating the new water channel directly dug in the bedrock unearthed during the first months of 2015;

- the first phase of the building BA12;

- determining if there are traces of life pertaining to the phases before the monumentalization of the city outside the city-wall.

The results of this investigation are freely available in the preliminary report of SUM 2015 C campaign.