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SLQ 2016B preliminary reports

Preliminary reports of the second archaeological campaign of 2016 at Qaryat Salut available

A further campaign of field work took place between September 17th and December 15th, 2016 at Qaryat Salut.

The excavations were concentrated in the trench-6, with three deep soundings in the rooms located in the north-eastern area. The burials of the Islamic period on the northern area of the site were partially excavated and removed.

Further works concerned the Building 13 located in the western area of the site which shows a very long history of reuse from the Iron Age period to 13th-14th century AD.

Two tombs located in the small hill at the foot of Jebel Salut, facing Husn Salut from the east, were excavated. Moreover a dozen of collapsed tombs, presumably dating back to the Bronze Age, were chosen for investigation and subsequent restoration.


Download the archaeological and architectural preliminary reports of the present campaign