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Animal bones in MB2 at Khor Rori

Unusual bones of animals have been found in the Monumental Building 2 of Khor Rori.

A consistent amount of bones were brought to light in the isolated fortress near the Temple of Sin at Khor Rori, better know as Monumental Building 2 (see Report SUM14C).

The analysis carried out on these bones have revealed that they were bones of uncommon animals, at least not found in the other areas of the city, such as camels, ships, cattle and big fishes.

The slaughter marks indicate that they belonged to pieces of big size, from different parts of the animals, except for heads.

Probably large quantities of meat were stored inside the fortress, maybe for sailors who visited the harbour. They needed to collect goods for basic necessities, such as water and food, in addition to the goods for trade.


Species representation MB2
Species representation BA4