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Classical tradition and South Arabian culture: Lady Barʾat

Betti, Fabio. "Tradizione classica e cultura Sudarabica : osservazione sulla statua bronzea di Lady Barʾat" Egitto e Vicino Oriente 39 (2016): 201-216

Already in the III century BC traffic and trades between the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean opened Arabia Felix to the cultural influence of Hellenism. Traders and craftsmen begun spreading Hellenistic taste in South Arabia too. Hellenistic elements appeared there first in South Arabian statues, bas-reliefs and decoration.

One of the most famous bronze statue found at Tamna‘ or Timna‘ (Qatabān), named ‘Lady Bar’at’ by the archaeologists who found it, is now kept at the National Museum of Aden (Yemen). It is of special interest for the studies on the diffusion of Hellenistic-Roman iconographies into the South Arabian bronze production.

This study, published in the 39th issue of Egitto e Vicino Oriente, rethinks the iconographic model, the stylistic features and the dating of Lady Bar’at.