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Sumhuram and the west coast of India: important news about the trade relations

Close relations between Sumhuram and the ancient settlement of Muziris (today Pattanam) have been pointed out during the international seminar on "Imperial Rome, Indian Ocean Regions and Muziris", recently held in Irinjalakuda.

The seminar added new insights to the investigation on the archaeological site of Pattanam, definitively identified with Muziris, and on the trade routes in the Indian Ocean. Indeed, similar Indian pottery assemblages have been found both in Pattanam and Khor Rori (Rouletted ware, Paddle Impressed Ware, cooking pots with bamboo wiping traces). South Arabian pottery, on the other hand, has been discovered in Pattanam. It's the first time that south Arabian vessels have been recognized in India. 

Further details will be soon available in the proceedings of the seminar.