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"From the Red Sea to the Gulf" international workshop

The international workshop will be housed by the University of Warsaw on October, 18th-19th.

The international workshop will deal with several topics related to the archaeological researches in the Gulf and in the Red Sea regions conducted by the Polish Center of Mediterranean Archaeology.

Several panels will be organized, in order to stimulate discussion about the results of the researches carried out by the PCMA in Kuwait and by Polish-American excavations in the Red Sea harbor of Berenike. They will be focused on: the processes of "Ubaidization" southward from the culturecore, the phenomenon of the Tumulus-cemeteries and, finally, the South Arabian presence on the western shores of the Red Sea.

This third panel will surely define with greater precision the Arab factor in ancient long distance trade along the Spice Route, by comparing the results of the excavations at Berenike and those of the scientific investigations at Sumhuram and in the Hadramaut. In this view, Prof. Avanzini will present updated reflections about the history of Sumhuram.

Further information are available on the PCMA website