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Inscriptions from the southern Highlands of Yemen

The ancient populations of the southern highlands of Yemen through the epigraphic collections of the museums of Baynūn and Dhamār

The cataloguing of the vast corpus of inscriptions preserved in the museums of Yemen, carried out within the CASIS project, has yielded interesting and unexpected results.

In particular, the two museums in Dhamār and the museum in Baynūn have provided an abundance of historical documentation that has led to a new and better understanding of the history of the region.

The monograph published by Alessia Prioletta retraces, over the entire, long course of the history of ancient South Arabia, the political and cultural contribution of the populations dwelling on the high plateau of southern Yemen. The book provides a comprehensive overview of the region, which in geographic terms formed a bridge between the desert and the ocean, between the caravan routes and the maritime trade, and concrete evidence of the progress that has been made in the knowledge of its history and languages.