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Oman: Faces and Places

1977: the visual journey of Aida Al Rowas in Oman

When Aida Al Rowas came to the Sultanate of Oman in November 1977, it was a quite different country.

Invited with a group of journalists for the Seventh National Day to Muscat, she ventured into the hearthland, capturing with her camera "places and faces" met along her way. The result of this journey is the precious book "Oman: Faces and Places" distributed by the Oman Establishment for Press, Publication and Advertisement (OEPPA).

This pictorial book makes public, for the first time, the visual documentation of that journey. It provides a unique testimony of Oman in the first decade of the Sultanate’s renaissance, through the eyes of the author, mesmerized by the amazing natural environment, the "magic of its silent mystique" and the daily lives of people.

The book is dedicated to young generations in order to make them know the way of life of their forefathers and remind them the efforts made by their predecessors to transform Oman in the prosperous and modern country it is today.


Al Rowas, A., Oman: Faces and Places. November 1977, Muscat: Dar Al Sorat LLC, 2014, pp. 271. ISBN: 978 99969 1 158 3