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40th International Symposium on Archaeometry

The next International Symposium on Archaeometry will be held in Los Angeles on May, 19th-23th

The 2014 edition of the International Symposium on Archaeometry will be hosted by the Getty Conservation Institute and the University of California Los Angeles on May, 19th-23th.

Examples and best practices from interdisciplinary research at the interface between the natural sciences, engineering and archaeology aimed at reconstructing and understanding human behavior through the study of material culture will be presented.

The ISA will bring together archaeologists, natural scientists and engineers with museum professionals, conservation scientists, policy-makers, representatives from non-governmental organizations and industry to discuss new findings and innovations in technology and scientific research. 

Researches form the Univesity of Pisa will express the results of spectrometric and chromatographic analysis carried out on porpora form the archaological site of Khor Rori with the paper:

Ribechini, E., Degano, I., Zanaboni, M., Pavan, A., Colombini, M.P., PĂ©rez-Arantegui, J., Purple in Sumhuram, Oman (1st-2nd Century AD), Revealed by Mass Spectrometric and Chromatographic Techniques.


For further information visit: ISA2014 website.