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18èmes Rencontres Sabéennes

St. Petersburg, Institute of Oriental Manuscripts - State Hermitage, June 4th–7th 2014

The 18th edition of the annual conference Rencontres Sabéennes will be held in St. Petersburg on June 4th – 7th.

The Institute of Oriental Manuscripts and the State Hermitage will host the conference dedicated to Piotr Griavnevich et Avraam G. Lundin on the occasion of their 85th anniversary.

Scholars of South Arabian studies from France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Yemen and Russia iteself, will meet to debate the topic "Populations in movement, colonizations, migrations, sedentarization" by communicating the results of their researches. Contacts and influences between South Arabian and external populations will be illustrated through archaeological and written documentation. 

Download the programme of the conference