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DASI: newly catalogued inscriptions

In the last months DASI has catalogued and digitized nearly 200 new Ancient South Arabian inscriptions.


In the last months, DASI project has digitized in its online archive nearly 200 Ancient South Arabian inscriptions.

The entire ASA epigraphic collection of the Louvre Museum is now accessible for fruition, as well as the corpora of the inscriptions published in the volumes Problemi storici della regione di al-Ḥadāʾ nel periodo preislamico e nuove iscrizioni (A.Avanzini, 1985) and Les hautes-terres du Nord-Yémen avant l'Islam (Ch. Robin, 1982).

Moreover, the online edition of texts collected in A. Jamme's book Sabaean Inscriptions from Maḥram Bilqîs (Mârib) has begun.