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Salut 2014B campaign: reports published

The archaeological and architectural reports of Salut and the Bronze Age tower are available

The second archaeological campaign of 2014 at Salut has been carried out from October,4th to December, 11th.

Whereas at Salut proper archaeological excavation has come to an halt and the works have focused on the completion of the sites protection, restoration and rebuilding, at the Early Bronze Age tower, in the former’s vicinity, the archaeological excavation have gone on.

The complete revealing of the main ditch’s plan was achieved and two more drains/channels conveying water into it were discovered. A new deep trench was cut through the ditch’s sediments south of the tower, in order to investigate further their layout, in the precise point where the ditch deepens moving westward.


Details about the excavation and the restoration works, both at Salut and at the Bronze Age tower, are included in the related reports that are now available for download.