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Reports of the Salut 2015A campaign available

Results of the archaeological campaign at the Bronze Age Tower and the restoration at Salut are published in Arabia Antica

During the first campaign of 2015, which took place from January 17th to February 12th, at Salut works here were focused on the restoration of the site and its further preparation for tourists. The main Iron Age platform sitting on top of the site has been reconstructed at its original elevation. A few points of the main outer stone wall which were endangered by soil erosion below their foundation have been fixed. Path linking the different sites to be included in the archaeological park have been planned.

At the Bronze Age tower works were mainly aimed at collecting new data on the sedimentary regime of the immense ditch that surrounds the tower.  Abundant material was collected especially from the outer channel close to Structure 2, giving back further evidence of Harappan-related materials. In this area a thick accumulation of occupational levels was discovered, marked by the presence of several fireplaces of different sizes and shapes. Among the findings, a fragment of a seal impressed sherd showing two fighting bulls and a line of Harappan script is the first ever found outside the Greater Indus Valley.

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