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Projects in the field of Archaeology conducted by the Pisa reasearch group


Since 1997 the Mission of University of Pisa (IMTO - Italian Mission To Oman) is working in Oman. The work is focused in two different sites: Sumhuram, in the area of Khor Rori and Salut, in the area of Nizwa. Both the expeditions are directed by Alessandra Avanzini. The IMTO is supported by the Italian Ministero degli Affari Esteri- Direzione Generale per la Promozione e la Cooperazione Culturale (DGPCC) - and by the Omani Office to the Adviser to H. M. the Sultan for Cultural Affairs.


Projects in the field of Epigraphy conducted by the Pisa research group


The Pisa research group is conducting research in the field of epigraphy, relating in particular to South Arabia. In addition to pure academic, scientific research, it is working on a highly innovative series of projects all of which apply computer technology to South Arabian epigraphy in order to create modern tools for studying and disseminating South Arabian inscriptions.


Surveys of the Pre-Islamic Arabian Collections conducted worldwide in Museums


Since 2006 the University of Pisa conducts a series of activities focused on the museums that collects south Arabian and Semitic antiquities. A range of activities are being performed in the museums: the cataloguing of south Arabian and other Semitic inscriptions; the preservation of the inscribed artefacts through tailored restoring actions; the valorisation and promotion of the collections through the creation of digital and paper catalogues as well as the organization of thematic exhibitions; the creation of a virtual thematic portal designed for the public, dedicated to the epigraphic heritage of pre-Islamic Arabia as preserved in museums; the study of the epigraphic material and the publication of scientific catalogues and articles.