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Museum of the Frankincense Land

The History hall is organized according to six sections: Oman’s Geography, Oman in the Early times, the Land of Frankincense, Conversion to Islam, Glimpses of the Omani History and Renaissance of Oman.
Archaeological findings, mainly from the sites of Salut, Khor Rori and Al Baleed, lead visitors through the history of the country, from the Bronze Age to the Medieval Period.
Great space is dedicated to the frankincense, the finest quality was produced and exported from Dhofar, the Omani region where the Museum is placed.
Movies and models enrich the fruition of the exhibition.
Seven are the sections of the Maritime hall: Maritime Heritage, the Ocean, the Building of Boats and Sailing vessels, Navigation, Trade and Trading Routes, Virtual Sea Life and the Renaissance.
Omani sailors have practiced navigation for thousands years and sea has represented the key factor for the importance of the country as bridge between East and West.
Many models of boats show the evolution of the navigation techniques, together with instruments and illustrative panels.
Photos are courtesy of the Frankincense Land Museum.