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Aden National Museum

The National Museum has a long history of cooperation with foreign missions and researchers.
Its huge collection of antiquities had to comprise some 500 pieces, especially from the kingdoms of Qataban, Awsan and Hadramawt: statues, alabaster stela, incense burners.
The museum also has a great number of inscriptions on stela bases from the temple of Mahram Bilqis in Marib, and a collection of bronze objects, including statuettes of lions, lamps and small vessels.
Unfortunately, after the civil war in 1994, many of these objects got lost, stolen or destroyed.
The collection of South Arabian Antiquities is displayed at the ground-floor of the building in two many exhibition rooms and in the corridors of the building wings. In the main room the statues of the three Awsanite kings are exposed. A third room displays a smaller collection of Islamic antiquities.
The upper floor of the building houses the Ethnographic Museum.
In 2008, a team of the Pisa University, inside the CASIS project, catalogued part of the collection. Photos are courtesy of the National Museum of Aden.