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The collection is made up of some 90 inscribed objects; in addition, there is a number of pottery vessels, jars and vases, and some valuable artefacts like decorated capitals and a relief with Hercules represented in a hunting scene.
The items come from two necropolises: the Qatabanic necropolis of Timna, and the Awsanite necropolis of wadi Lajiya.
Most of them are therefore funerary objects: stelae, aniconic, with figure in relief, stela bases, some ring seals, and a big offering table dedicated to the god Athtar written in Awsanite dialect.
The collection also comprises a wooden stick with a text in minuscule writing that comes from al-Jawf.
The University Museum of Aden was inventoried by the CASIS project in November 2008. Photos are courtesy of the University Museum of Aden.