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Activities - 2013

Cataloguing at the Museo Nazionale d’Arte Orientale in Rome

The epigraphical campaign carried out at the Museo Nazionale d’Arte Orientale in Rome has catalogued nearly 40 epigraphic and 60 anepigraphic objects, including a variety of inscriptions and artefacts in stone, but also more precious materials like bronze and alabaster.


Conference: "Rome and the Red Sea"

Considerations about the political, diplomatic, and military aspects of the imperial Rome’s relations with the Red Sea basin and India, from Augustus to Diocletian


Restoration of a IIIrd millennium storage jar from Salut

The fragments have been pieced together of a large clay storage jar that was found around the Early Bronze Age tower at Salut.


Restoration of bronzes from the Sana Military Museum

A delegation of the Military Museum of Sana has delivered a group of bronze artifacts to the University of Pisa that will restore them and display to the Italian public.


17th Rencontres Sabéennes

UniPi presents the project DASI at the international conference Rencontres Sabéennes 17


MEDINA 2nd plenary meeting

The 2nd Steering Committee Meeting of the project Medina was held in Beirut on May, 30th - 31th, at the Campus of Human Sciences of the Université Saint-Joseph.


MEDINA 2nd training session

A training session was organized in Beirut on April, 12th-13th, within the activities of the MEDINA project.