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Activities in 2014

Improvements to DASI archive website

In the first months of 2014, DASI archive was improved with new sections and tools.
The technical team set up a more flexible textual search tool on onomastics, which allows to broaden or restrict the search among the onomastic categories.
The different types of names have been arranged in macro-categories and display a series of checkboxes for multiple selections with a combined logic AND/OR. For example, it is now possible to search for all the names of individuals; among them, one can restrict the search to the masculine names only, excluding – if needed – the royal names. Please refer to the “Textual search” chapter in the “Help” section for details.
An entirely new section was opened in order to gather and present to the public the collections of epigraphic and an-epigraphic objects catalogued by the DASI team in different museums worldwide, by means of agreements for national and international cooperation.
At present, the South Arabian collections related to 15 museums in Europe, Yemen and the USA are available in DASI website for a total of over 1200 inscribed and 300 un-inscribed objects digitized.
Finally, an Arabic translation has been made available for the Help section, containing explanation on how to consult DASI archive.
Download the pdf