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Activities in 2014

Progress of South Arabian epigraphic heritage cataloguing in DASI

Since its opening in September 2013, DASI archive has been continually updated with newly catalogued material.
The CSAI corpus has been enriched with about 170 inscriptions, which were edited in articles in Arabic language, and varia epigraphica, mainly from the most recent issues of journals and monographs.
The well-known inscriptions of Karibʾil Watar RES 3945 and 3946 have been also added and the outstanding objective is to have all the ASA inscriptions published in the main epigraphic collections digitized, first of all those of the Répertoire d’Epigraphie Sémitique.
By virtue of the ongoing cooperation with a number of museums worldwide, CSAI section dedicated to these museums’ collections has been enhanced with the epigraphic and an-epigraphic objects preserved in the MNAO – Museo Nazionale d’Arte Orientale in Rome, sixty more inscriptions preserved in the Military Museum of Sanaa (sigla MṢM and B) and about fifty inscriptions of the National Museum of Aden, previously edited in the CIAS collection but re-photographed and studied by virtue of the CASIS project.
Finally, the complete collection of the South Arabian objects held in the British Museum is now available in DASI.
DASI is also improving sections of its archive regarding the geographical and cultural information on the archaeological sites. A preliminary work of systematization of the recorded Yemeni sites in association with the pertaining governorate has been done.