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The results of the projects and of the multiform reasearch activity of the group led by Prof. Avanzini are steadily communicated to public.
Several types of publications are issued, addressed to different types of audience, from the close number of scholars and specialists to the general, inquiring public.
Arabia Antica is a new series about pre-Islamic Arabia created to value the area, often neglected in the studies of the Near East. It is divided into two sections, respectively focused into Philological and Archaeological Studies.
Other volumes are focused mainly in archaeology and history of art, among them the catalogues of exhibitions organized in Italy and abroad.
Finally, the Italian Mission To Oman (IMTO) published also the guidebooks of the archaeological sites of Sumhuram and Salut.

Arabia Antica

Arabia Antica is a new series about pre-Islamic Arabia. The volumes are divided into the two sections: Philological Studies and Archaeological Studies. Arabia Antica has two branches: the first having a monograph format; the second, entitled "I quaderni di Arabia Antica" is more compact and economic, and mainly includes philological works.

Quaderni di Arabia Antica

Quaderni di Arabia Antica is a sub-series of Arabia Antica. It is planned to make readily available notes and reflections, different from time to time, about historical and philological issues, through concise volumes.

Quaderni IMTO

Quaderni IMTO was established with the aim of implementing the preliminary reports concerning the archaeological fieldwork at the sites of Khor Rori (Sumhuram), Salut, Salut – ST1, and Mughsail. Quaderni IMTO can be freely downloaded in pdf format.

Ancient Oman

Ancient Oman is the new series supported by Arabia Antica. It is aimed at communicating the point of the investigations carried on by IMTO in Oman. Each agile, monographic work will be devoted to a single archaeological site.


The "Catalogues" section includes the catalogues of collections that have been studied by the Arabia Antica research group and of exhibitions organized by the research group itself.


This section contains short publications produced within the research projects, such as short guides of museums. Even though their content is once more scientific, the language is adapted at the needs of large public.