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A port in Arabia between Rome and the Indian Ocean (3rd C. BC – 5th C. AD). Khor Rori Report 2

Alessandra Avanzini (ed.) 2008, L'ERMA di BRETSCHNEIDER, 752 pp., Ill. B/N, ISBN: 978-88-8265-469-6

The port of Sumhuram was for many centuries a stage in the sea routes that linked Rome and the Mediterranean to Arabia and India.

Since 1996, Sumhuram and its territory, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, have been investigated by the Italian Mission directed by Alessandra Avanzini.

This volume, which comes 5 years after the publication of the first report, includes the results of the research conducted between 2000 and 2004, during which some extremely significant points, both historical and archaeological, have come to light.

The foundation of Sumhuram has been put back by almost three centuries and is now set in the 3rd century BC, namely in the Hellenistic age, and this has made it necessary to completely reassess the whole historical frame of its foundation.

In archaeological terms, the systematic excavation of the city has brought to light the hitherto little-known urban layout of South Arabian cities. 

L'Erma di Bretschneider editore