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Temples of Ancient Hadramawt

Alexander V. Sedov 2005, Edizioni Plus, 328 pp., 84 figs., 54 pls, ISBN: 9788884922113

For the first time, this work presents a systematic and comprehensive study of religious architecture in ancient Hadramawt, the most oriental state amongst the south Arabic kingdoms. It is one of the first general reflections in a disciplinary field which is still young in the general view of archaeological studies of the ancient world.

The catalogue provides a list of sacred buildings from ancient Hadramawt, pointing out the peculiarities of this kingdom and the elements they have in common with pre Islamic southern Arabia.

This work is very interesting both for specialists of this field and for scholars of the ancient world (classical and the near east), and not lastly, for those young people who are on the point of embarking on the study of the ancient southern Arabic civilization.

Alexander V. Sedov, director of the Institute of Oriental Studies at the Academy of Sciences in Moscow, is one of the top specialists in south Arabian archaeology. He has conducted numerous excavations and research in Yemen (Qana and Raybun) and in the sultanate of the Oman, mainly dealing with the ancient kingdom of Hadramawt. He is the author of multiple specific studies in archaeology and numismatics.

Edizioni Plus - Pisa University Press