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Eastern Arabia in the First Millennium BC

Alessandra Avanzini (ed.) 2010, L'ERMA di BRETSCHNEIDER, 247 pp., ISBN: 978-88-8265-568-6

This volume collects the proceedings of a conference on the Eastern Arabia held in Pisa in May 2008, exactly 25 years after the first congress of Lyon on the Persian Gulf "Arabie orientale, Mésopotamie et Iran méridional, de l'age du Fer au début de la période islamique". 

The basic topics for a historical-archaeological comprehension of this region, corresponding to the today's EAU and Sultanate of Oman, are analyzed in three sessions: historical background of Eastern Arabia, its contacts with the neighbour regions, chronology of the Iron Age and new discoveries in the region. 

Great relevance has been given to the chronology of the Iron Age (1200/1100-300 BC): the generally accepted fundamental lines of this topic, for a long time debated, are changing thanks to IMTO recent excavations in the site of Salut. 

L'Erma di Bretschneider editore