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Preliminary report. Excavation at Khor Rori (SUM12C - SUM13A)

Preliminary reports from the Italian Mission to Oman, SUM12C - SUM13A, Vittoria Buffa 2013, University of Pisa, pp. 42

In the most recent years the archaeological campaigns of the University of Pisa at Khor Rori had two major objectives. On one side, the clarification of the planning of the city. With this objective, the work has been concentrated in the central part of the town, south of the Monumental Building 1 and of the Monumental Gate Complex (Area A): several buildings and of the streets that constituted the ways of communication between the various sectors of town  have been excavated.

On the other side, it was important to understand the spatial relation between the storehouses and the city, in the south-eastern part of town (Area B).

Limited work has been performed also in Area F, in the large square A20 to clear the area of remaining late deposits.

In this field report we present the results of excavations in

- Area A, western part: buildings BA13, street A206;
- Area A, eastern part: building BA12, street A113, room A179, rooms A188 and A194;
- Area B: square A180, square A184, building BB2, rooms A106 and A178, rooms A204 and A205, square A74, part of building BB3;
- Area F, square A20.