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Activities in 2015

Virtual Museum of Salut

More than ten years have passed since the beginning of excavations at Salut and the surrounding area. IMTO have thus decided to show the results of the research not only to specialists but also to the general public.
This purpose has led to the project of a Virtual Museum of Salut.
The features that are to be designed are:
 - a video that will lead the visitor inside the heart of Oman through the variety of its landscape, to approach Salut, its myth and its history;
 - a path that is thought to simulate ideal sections and exposition halls. Starting from the discovering Salut, a brief history of the research at the site, each ‘hall’ will be dedicated to the major historical periods documented at Salut: 5000 years ago (Bronze Age), 3000 years ago (Iron Age), 1000 years ago (Islamic period). The attention will focus not only on the objects from the site (seals, bronzes, pottery, soft-stone vessels...), but also to its architectonical structures and irrigation system, to the commercial and cultural contacts with the main civilizations, especially Mesopotamia, Iran and Indus Valley. The identity of Salut will be reconstructed also by the external written sources;
 - a catalogue, downloadable in pdf, and the highlights section that will display the most interesting findings from Salut that are compared to the coeval foreign evidences;
 - temporary exhibitions about different and related subjects.