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Index of publications

By Land and by Sea. A history of South Arabia before Islam recounted from inscriptions

Alessandra Avanzini 2016, L'ERMA DI BRETSCHNEIDER, 376 pp., ISBN 9788891311108

In our collective memory there still lies the Queen of Sheba, her journey to Jerusalem to meet the wise King Salomon, or the Arabia Felix with its fame associated in the classical world with frankincense and other precious aromas. Nevertheless the history of the Arabia Felix, the country of the...

Inscriptions from the southern Highlands of Yemen. The Epigraphic Collections of the Museums of Baynūn and Dhamār

Alessia Prioletta 2013, L'ERMA di BRETSCHNEIDER, 408 pp., ISBN: 978-88-913-0001-0

Virtually every city and often even the smallest villages of Yemen have museums where hundreds of antiquities - inscriptions and artefacts - are housed, collections that bear witness to the culture that flourished in southern Arabia between the end of the 2nd millennium BC and the 6th century AD. ...

Corpus of South Arabian Inscriptions I-III. Qatabanic, Marginal Qatabanic, Awsanite Inscriptions

Alessandra Avanzini 2004, Edizioni Plus, 608 pp., 800 figs., ISBN: 9788884922632

This volume is an organized collection of inscriptions in Qatabanic, Marginal Qatabanic and Awsanite languages which have been set in the on line database of CSAI - Corpus of South Arabian Inscriptions. The book is organized like the other volumes of Corpus of South Arabian Inscriptions which will...

L’Arabo in epoca preislamica: formazione di una lingua

Daniele Mascitelli 2006, L'ERMA di BRETSCHNEIDER, 340 pp., 19 pl., ISBN: 978-88-8265-416-0

The origin and formation of Old Arabic, the language prior to the Koran and pre-Islamic poetry, is a much debated subject, and evidence of it is very scanty and enigmatic. Pre-Islamic Arabs do not seem to have felt the need to write or describe themselves, as though culture in their society were...