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Corpus of South Arabian Inscriptions I-III. Qatabanic, Marginal Qatabanic, Awsanite Inscriptions

Alessandra Avanzini 2004, Edizioni Plus, 608 pp., 800 figs., ISBN: 9788884922632

This volume is an organized collection of inscriptions in Qatabanic, Marginal Qatabanic and Awsanite languages which have been set in the on line database of CSAI - Corpus of South Arabian Inscriptions.

The book is organized like the other volumes of Corpus of South Arabian Inscriptions which will be published in the future. The plan includes an historical-linguistical introduction of the corpus and an edition of the texts with translation (except for the fragmentary texts).

Within each section, the texts are split by text typology into four major subgroups: construction inscriptions, dedicatory inscriptions, legal inscriptions and anthroponyms. In the section dedicated to anthroponyms the author has attempted to incorporate texts which were also conceived by the ancient author as being simple onomastic texts, such as those found on funeral stelas and on the statuettes. Within each textual typology the inscriptions are subdivided into chronological phases, except texts containing anthroponyms, which are listed with no chronological classification.

Edizioni Plus - Pisa University Press