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Military Museum of Sana

The University of Pisa has undertaken a wide cooperation initiative with the Military Museum of Sana with the support of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Divisione Generale per la Promozione del Sistema Paese, Ufficio VI - Missioni archeologiche, antropologiche, etnologiche).
The collaboration has as general objectives the promotion of the Museum, the preservation of its collection of antiquities South Arabian and the scientific and technological training of its staff.
The cooperation between the research team of Pisa and the Museum began in 2010 with the CASIS project, already funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the Executive Programme of Scientific and Technological Cooperation with Yemen (2006-2009). Suspended for the critical events that have involved Yemen, it has been resumed in early 2013 thanks to the ERC European project DASI and the above mentioned the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The phase that has recently started involves a series of activities, including:
- cataloguing of Southern Arabian antiquities,
- restoration of some artifacts,
- reorganization of the museum premises according to the most advanced principles of contemporary museology,
- training of the museum staff in the fields of digital cataloguing and restoration, and
- international promotion of the Museum.