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The Museums of Dhamar

Alessandra Avanzini and Alessia Prioletta 2010, pp. 24

This brochure includes a short guides of both the Regional and the University Museums of Aden, produced within the project CASIS.

The Regional Museum is the main museum of the Dhamar governorate. It was built at Hirran, north of Dhamar city, in 2002. Its pre-Islamic collection comprises over hundred inscriptions of various provenance and period, whereas the section dedicated to the Islamic archaeology contains some decorated artefacts bearing Arabic inscriptions, in addition to jewels and other handmade products of traditional handicrafts in Dhamar.

The University Museum was built in 2006 to fulfil the educational and training needs of students of archaeology within the Faculty of Arts and contains a collection of valuable ancient artefacts. This Museum is distinguished by the great variety of artefacts: prehistoric arrows heads and stone blades, and several artefacts of Himyaritic culture, like funerary stelas, sculptures, incense burners, fragments of capital with decorations of grape leaves and bunches of grapes with mythological figure, pottery.