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The Museum of Baynun

Alessandra Avanzini and Alessia Prioletta 2010, pp. 24

The museum of Baynun is the largest museum of the Dhamar governorate in terms of number of objects and their artistic and historical importance. The museum, founded in 1990 by sheikh A. al-Huzeizi, collects the antiquities found in Baynun and the surrounding areas.

More than 70 inscriptions, which have been published for the first time within the project CASIS, give the first direct epigraphic evidence of the local tribes dating back from the early centuries of the first millennium BC to the sixth century AD, the last period of the history of South Arabia.

The Baynun collection is enriched with a valuable group of bronze objects, comprising animal and human statues, lamps, jewels, utensils.

Some of the artefacts housed in the museum come from other regions of Yemen, especially from the Jawf, such as the Minaean funerary stelae.

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