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Graffiti and rock art from Saudi Arabia

A meeting focusing on graffiti and rock art of Saudi Arabia was held in Pisa on Februry, 16th-19th.
The meeting, that follows the set up of the Italian-Saudi mission, was intended to discuss several issues regarding the cataloguing and digitization of graffiti and rock art.
The DASI research group, including members of the University of Pisa and the Scuola Normale Superiore, the CNRS and representatives of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities took part to the meeting.
The GIS and the cataloguing system, used by the Saudi Commission to inventory archaeological evidences and catalog movable heritage respectively, were presented, in addition to the DASI system.
The main requirements of a system integrating the existing ones but devoted to the digitizazion of graffiti and inscribed artifacts were identified. The scientific criteria and the model to describe them were discussed.
The step to be taken in the next future is the creation of an international network, consisting of experts in epigraphy and archaeology of the Arabian peninsula and technicians specialized in ICT applied to cultural heritage.
For this reason a new meeting has been scheduled in Riyad on May 2015.