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23.03.2017 News, Highlights

Quaderni di Arabia Antica 5

The project ARABI collects narrative texts, both in Arabic and English translation, from classical Arabic literature and historiography concerning Pre-Islamic Arabia. This second volume focuses on the building of the glorious past of two Arab tribes, which played an important role in the seventh...
22.03.2017 News, Highlights

Manufacture of metals at Sumhuram

During the archaeological campaign SUM17A at Sumhuram, new evidences of an intensive metal working have been brought to light. Two furnaces for the manufacture of iron have been discovered in the eastern part of the city, not distant from each other. They must be added to the other furnace for...
22.03.2017 News, Highlights

A new site for IMTO

Two archaeological campaigns have already been carried out. The first one was aimed at defining the preliminary chronology of the Islamic settlement on the Eastern part of the promontory; the second at clarifying the origin and the layout of the main gate in the Northern wall. During the last...
7.03.2017 News

ERC Beyond the first 10 years

The conference, as part of the celebrations for the 10 years of the ERC foundation, is organized by the University of Pisa, coordinated by the Deputy Dean for International and European Research. It will focus on frontier research and the role it plays as engine of innovation and development, not...
17.02.2017 News, Highlights

Arabia Antica 12

The ancient port of Sumhuram, investigated by IMTO from 1996, is situated about 35 km east of the modern city of Salalah, in Dhofar, the southernmost region of the Sultanate of Oman. The settlement was built on a rocky outcrop dominating the Khor Rori lagoon, about 2 km from the seashore. It site...
31.01.2017 News

tourismA 2017

This is the third edition of “tourismA”, the international Exhibition of Archaeology organized by Archeologia Viva (magazine published by Giunti Editore). tourismA is addressed to public and private research institutions, parks, museums, tour operators and professional categories involved into the...
30.01.2017 News, Highlights

SUM 2016B preliminary report

The second campaign of the 2016 at Sumhuram focused on areas F, G and H. In area F, huge rooms with plastered structures, more ancient than the temple of Sin, in addition to the northern part of the building BF8 were unearthed. Investigations in street A43 have confirmed it was an important place...
17.01.2017 News, Highlights

SLQ 2016B preliminary reports

A further campaign of field work took place between September 17th and December 15th, 2016 at Qaryat Salut. The excavations were concentrated in the trench-6, with three deep soundings in the rooms located in the north-eastern area. The burials of the Islamic period on the northern area of the site...
9.01.2017 News, Highlights

Arabia Antica 11

The funerary field is particularly interesting and rich in stimuli allowing us knowledge of religious thought and art of ancient civilisations. Pre-Islamic South Arabia produced a large amount of objects related to this field and, among them, the funerary stelae are the most important for their...
31.10.2016 News, Highlights

Arabia Antica 10

In our collective memory there still lies the Queen of Sheba, her journey to Jerusalem to meet the wise King Salomon, or the Arabia Felix with its fame associated in the classical world with frankincense and other precious aromas. Nevertheless the history of the Arabia Felix, the country of the...
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