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4.10.2016 News, Highlights

ʿAtaq Museum

The ‘Ataq Museum was built in 1981 according to plans drawn by the French Archaeological Mission at Shabwa. Most of the pieces were transferred to ‘Ataq from  the Museum of Shabwa in 1981-1982 and displayed by Rémy Audouin, as well as Alexander Sedov exhibited material from the...
19.09.2016 Highlights, News

Quaderni di Arabia Antica 4

After 20 years of research and excavation conducted by the Italian Mission to Oman, the ancient South Arabian port of Sumhuram is known in many of its aspects. The 4th issue of Quaderni di Arabia Antica is dedicated to the urban shrine, placed in Quarter A, the residential quarter. The diachronic...
31.08.2016 News

Ancient South Arabia: Kingdoms, Tribes and Traders

The international conference entitled Ancient South Arabia: Kingdoms, Tribes and Traders will be held at the Austrian Academy of Sciences (Wien) from August, 31st to September, 2nd. The conference is promoted by the Library, Archive & Collection: Information and Services, Glaser-Collection...
27.06.2016 News

From Yemen to Amelia

The Archaeological Museum of Amelia is housing the exhibition of a small group of bronze artifacts from the Military Museum of Sana. "From Yemen to Amelia" is organized in collaboration with the University of Pisa, in the frame of a larger event, involving the Association for Research into Crime...
24.06.2016 News

Bronzes from the Military Museum of Sana: virtual exhibition

The bronze collection of the Military Museum, including sixteen pieces, was brought to Italy as a loan in 2014, in order to be restored by the University of Pisa. After restoration, carried out with the support of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affaires, and preliminary study, a new and important...
23.05.2016 News

SUM16A preliminary report

The archaeological campaign at Sumhuram started on January 30th and ended on March 24th. Archaeological excavations focused on three main areas: area A, street A75, with the aim of checking stratigraphy; area F, square A20, to check the stratigraphy under the floor US54; area G, along the eastern...
19.05.2016 News

SLQ 2016 A campaign

Following the discovery and the first excavations at the Iron Age settlement associated with and surrounding Husn Salut, now consistently named “Qaryat Salut”, a long campaign of field work took place between January, 14th, and April, 19th, 2016. The preliminary report SLQ16A resumes the main...
3.05.2016 News

Rencontres Sabéennes 20

The 20th issue of the annual meeting Rencontres Sabéennes will be held in June, from 9 to 11, at the Auditorium Santa Cecilia, Perugia. The topic of Rencontres Sabéennes 20 is the Yemeni archaeology after almost 50 years of field research, in addition to the news from the latest academic...
8.03.2016 News

DASI & Trismegistos (TM)

Trismegistos [TM] is a platform aiming to surmount barriers of language and discipline in the study of texts from the ancient world, particularly late period Egypt and the Nile valley (roughly BC 800 - 800 AD). It provides, thanks to the cooperation with all players in the field, metadata and...
8.03.2016 News

RAC 2016

The Biennal International Roman Archaeology Conference and the Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference in collaboration with the Roman Society will be hosted by the ‘Sapienza’ University of Rome form March 16th to 19th. The Roman Archaeology Conference, alternately held in the UK and abroad, aims...
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