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16.09.2013 News

Metallurgy at Sumhuram

The paper deals with compositional and microstructural features of 26 pre-Islamic, South Arabian coins recently unearthed during the archaeological excavations at Sumhuram (Khor Rori, southern Oman). Most of the coins analyzed were minted by the Hadramawt kingdom and few of them belong to the...
6.09.2013 News

Entre Carthage et l'Arabie heureuse

Inscriptions just discovered and studied or newly considered, studies of lexicography, onomastics and linguistics, issues related to ancient history, religion and the history of researches: those are the domains of the contributes that colleagues and friends, scholars specialized in history and...
4.09.2013 News

Bilqis: the 3rd issue is online

Many are the topics included in this issue, part of which is devoted to the island of Socotra with its naturalistic beauties and its traditional medicine. The remenbrance of the Treaty of Sana signed by Italy and Yemen in 1926 and the reactions of the coeval press allow readers to discover the...
3.09.2013 News

Restoration work at Sumhuram: campaign Sept-Dec 2013

The restoration activities, during this campaign, will basically regard the dismantling and the reconstruction of several masonry structures. In more detail, works will consist of:    - dismantling and rebuilding of the area A15;    - rising up of the walls M3, M12, M4;    - dismantling and...
2.09.2013 News

International seminar on "Imperial Rome, Indian Ocean Regions and Muziris"

The seminar, organized by the IRISH - Institute for Research in Social Sciences and Humanities, Kannur University and Indira Gandhi National Open University, will deal with Indo-Roman maritime trade in the Imperial age. A joint reading of the classical literary sources, the results of...
22.07.2013 News

Seminar for Arabian Studies

The latest academic research on the Arabian Peninsula will be presented also this year at the British Museum. The international conference, organized annually by the British Foundation for the Study of Arabia, will cover a wide range of disciplines, i.e. archaeology, history, epigraphy, languages,...
1.07.2013 News

Cultural Cooperation between UniPi and Sana Military Museum: planning meeting

In addition to scheduling of activities, the Yemeni authorities, led by General Ali Ghaleb Alharazi and Colonel Abed Mohammed al-Thour, director of the Military Museum of Sana, will bring to Pisa a group of bronze artefacts stored in the Military Museum. The Dipartimento di Civiltà e Forme del...
10.06.2013 News

The scientific cooperation between UniPi and Yemeni cultural institutions goes on

The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has funded the cooperation initiative undertaken by the University of Pisa and the Military Museum of Sana. The initiative continues the long-lasting collaboration of the UniPi with several museums of Yemen, which began in the project CASIS. It aims at...
3.06.2013 News

Rencontres Sabéennes

The conference is aimed at the presentation of new archaeological, epigraphic and historical researches on ancient South Arabia and in the neighbouring regions: Saudi Arabia, Oman Peninsula, Horn of Africa. Scholars, meeting in the Fondation Simone et Cino del Duca and in the Colléde de France,...
27.05.2013 News

MEDINA 2nd plenary Meeting

Six months after the 1st plenary meeting, which took place in Irbid (Jordan) at the Yarmouk University, the MEDINA working group meet again. Indeed, two times a year the entire project consortium, including all WP leaders  and people involved in the project activities, meet to point out the state...
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