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10.05.2013 News

Summer campaign of excavation at Sumhuram

Archaeological investigations will focus on the excavation of a newly outlined room placed in area B, between building BB3 – excavated during the campaign 2013A – and the large store rooms which occupies the south-eastern corner of the city. Further works will concern the street A206, running...
6.05.2013 News

DASI Meeting on Nabataean and North Arabian Inscriptions

Dr. Carmen Hidalgo, Dr. Laila Nehmé and Mr. Michael Macdonald will attend the meeting. It will be focused on best practices of digitization of Nabataean and Dadanitic inscriptions. In particular, Nabataean and Dadanitic inscriptions will be catalogued with the DASI data base and the newly...
7.04.2013 News

Il trono della Regina di Saba

It was organized by the National Museum of Oriental Art “Giuseppe Tucci”, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of the Yemeni Republic in Italy. The exhibition has shown the South-Arabian collection of the National Museum of Oriental Art to general public for the first time. Those...
6.04.2013 News

MEDINA 2nd training course

Involvement of local people in Lebanon and Jordan is one the many objectives pursued by the project MEDINA. In particular, education of young generations and training of professionals is aimed at increasing awareness of the importance of Lebanese and Jordanian cultural heritage. The next training...
29.03.2013 News

Conference: Le contexte de naissance de l’écriture arabe

The University of Pisa reasearch group will attend the concluding conference of the ANR project SYRAB, organized by the Unité Mixte de Recherche Orient et Méditerranée of Paris. Two speeches will be given by the University of Pisa research group. The paper by Irene Rossi will present the results...
28.03.2013 News

End of the archaeological campaigns in Khor Rori and Salut

Together with the important exposing of a Late Iron Age architectural phase, the restoration of the mud brick structures at Salut - with the use of local workers -  has been one of the main goals in view of the next public use of the site. Also at the site of Khor Rori archaeological works and...
15.01.2013 News

New Archaelogical Campaigns in Khor Rori and Salut

The two missions, under the direction of Alessandra Avanzini,  will involve experts of different subjects and students from the University of Pisa and other institutions.  Restorations, works on the field, cataloguing and study of the materials will be carried on thanks to the support of the Office...
10.01.2013 News

Salut 2012B: results

Results of the excavations carried out in October-November 2012 in Salut are now on-line. The archaeological mission of six weeks in October-November concerned two main areas in Salut, the top and the tower, and as usually the Bronze Age Tower.  The progress of the excavations and its...
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