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19.05.2016 News

SLQ 2016 A campaign

Following the discovery and the first excavations at the Iron Age settlement associated with and surrounding Husn Salut, now consistently named “Qaryat Salut”, a long campaign of field work took place between January, 14th, and April, 19th, 2016. The preliminary report SLQ16A resumes the main...
3.05.2016 News

Rencontres Sabéennes 20

The 20th issue of the annual meeting Rencontres Sabéennes will be held in June, from 9 to 11, at the Auditorium Santa Cecilia, Perugia. The topic of Rencontres Sabéennes 20 is the Yemeni archaeology after almost 50 years of field research, in addition to the news from the latest academic...
8.03.2016 News

DASI & Trismegistos (TM)

Trismegistos [TM] is a platform aiming to surmount barriers of language and discipline in the study of texts from the ancient world, particularly late period Egypt and the Nile valley (roughly BC 800 - 800 AD). It provides, thanks to the cooperation with all players in the field, metadata and...
8.03.2016 News

RAC 2016

The Biennal International Roman Archaeology Conference and the Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference in collaboration with the Roman Society will be hosted by the ‘Sapienza’ University of Rome form March 16th to 19th. The Roman Archaeology Conference, alternately held in the UK and abroad, aims...
29.02.2016 News

Salut on Archeologia Viva

The new issue of the popular magazine Archeologia Viva includes a contribution on Salut. The site, placed in the "hearth of Oman", its architectural features and the peculiarities of its material culture are described: the Bronze Age tower and the tombs; the fortified settlement on the top of the...
26.02.2016 News


The EADH -European Association for Digital Humanities was founded in 1973 and is today the longest standing DH organization. It brings together and represents the Digital Humanities in Europe across the entire spectrum of disciplines that research, develop, and apply digital humanities methods and...
22.01.2016 News, Highlights

MEDINA digital catalogue

In line with the objectives of encouraging the use of new technologies for the promotion and accessibility of Mediterranean cultural heritage, and enhancing the epigraphic collections of Lebanese and Jordanian museums, MEDINA project has published the MEDINA digital catalogue. The digital catalogue...
14.01.2016 News

Archaeological report of SUM 2015C

The excavation activities performed in the last archaeological campaign of 2015 at Sumhuram focused on the south-western area of the city, in the square in front of the temple of Sin (A20), in the area in front of the monumental entrance (Area A) and outside the western city-wall.
11.01.2016 News

2015B: preliminary report of the discovery of Salut settlement

The second campaign of 2015 at Salut has led to an unexpected discovery: the actual, major Iron Age site that has to be linked with the already excavated “fort” of Salut to form what can be considered one of the most impressive sites of this date in the whole South East Arabia. Moreover...
16.12.2015 News

Final conferences of MEDINA

The project MEDINA is coming to the end. In the two years of the project many activities have been carried out and many outputs have been produced. There are among them the digitization of the South Arabian collection of the Museo Nazionale d'Arte Orientale di Roma, the Phoenician collection of the...
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