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8.09.2015 News, Highlights

Quaderni di Arabia Antica 1

Quaderni di Arabia Antica is planned to make readily available notes and reflections, different from time to time, about historical and philological issues, through concise volumes. This first issue introduces narrative texts, both in Arabic and English translation, from classical Arabic literature...
3.07.2015 News

Updates from SUM15B

The second archaeological campaign carried in 2015 at Sumhuram was focused on the western part of the city (Area F), to the south of the “Monumental Building 2”. Excavations were carried out with the aim of clarifying the stratigraphic relations and the position of the entrance. In...
29.06.2015 News

2015 Seminar for Arabian Studies

The 49th Seminar for Arabian Studies Conference will be held from Friday 24th to Sunday 26th July at the British Museum. "The Seminar for Arabian Studies is the only international forum that meets annually for the presentation of the latest academic research in the humanities on the ...
10.06.2015 News, Highlights

Salut Virtual Museum

The Virtual Museum of Salut illustrates the site and the exploitation of its territory over a huge time span, from the Bronze and Iron Ages to the Medieval period. Archaeological evidence and artefacts discovered at the site and in the neighboring countries are displayed, with the purpose of...
1.06.2015 News

Regional Museum of Dhamar

The Regional Museum of Dhamar is one of the Yemeni museums that the Arabia Antica working group visited during the project CASIS. The museum is regrettably one of the victims of the conflict that is raging in Yemen. The structures of which the museum consisted, including exhibition rooms and...
28.05.2015 News

Tadwin project

The Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities has conceived and is realizing an ambitious project focusing on the mass registration and digitization of inscriptions and rock art of Saudi Arabia. In this view, a new meeting, following the one held in Pisa on Februry 16-19, was held in Riyadh on...
8.05.2015 News

Red Sea Project VII Conference

The 7th edition of the Red Sea Project conference will be held at the University of Naples "L'Orientale" on May, 26-30. This will be the latest in the successful series of conferences previously held at the British Museum, University of Southampton, University of Exeter and University of Tabuk. ...
5.05.2015 News

Digitizing graffiti and rock art of Saudi Arabia: executive workshop

The Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities has conceived and is realizing an ambitious project focusing on the mass registration and digitization of graffiti and rock art of Saudi Arabia. In this view, a new meeting, following the one held in Pisa on Februry 16-19, is being organized in...
14.04.2015 News

New archaeological campaign at Khor Rori

The second archaeological campaign at Khor Rori for the year 2015 will start on April, 18th and will end on May, 28th. This campaign is aimed at investigating the starting point of the stairs that enter the Monumental Building 2. Moreover on the west of this structure the activities will focus...
1.04.2015 News

IMTO FB reached 1000 "like"!

The FB page of the Italian Mission to Oman has reached its first 1000 "like"! The team of IMTO is very glad of this result and thanks its followers. All those interested in pre-Islamic Arabia are invited to visit the page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Italian-Mission-to-Oman/726857794060086]...
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