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18.12.2014 News

The Italian Mission to Oman is on facebook!

The Italian Mission to Oman has its own page on FB: [https://www.facebook.com/pages/Italian-Mission-to-Oman/726857794060086]. Pictures, videos and news will timely be posted. Follow the archaeological and restoration works in "direct broadcast". Click Like, comment and share!
10.12.2014 News

Khor Rori from a new point of view

Unprecedented images of the archaeological site of Khor Rori are available. Indeed a complete photo and video survey of the site has been carried out with the aim of a drone. The shooting has provided for the first time a fascinating, full view from above of the overall site and the surrounding...
25.11.2014 News

Inscriptions from the Southern Highlands of Yemen. Presentation of the volume

The volume "Inscriptions from the Southern Highlands of Yemen" publishes the epigraphic collections of three museums of the Dhamar governorate, a region situated in the highlands of Yemen, south of the capital Sana. This volume by Alessia Prioletta, which examines the populations who inhabited...
4.11.2014 News

2014 ASOR Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the American Schools of Oriental Research will be held in San Diego, CA, from November 19th to 22nd 2014 at The Westin San Diego hotel. The Annual Meeting brings together ASOR's academic community. Over 1,000 scholars of archaeology, linguistics, geography, epigraphy,...
3.11.2014 News

MEDINA 4th training course

The last training course of the project MEDINA will be held on November, 4th-5th at the Yarmouk University, Faculty of Archaeology and Anthropology. The two-days intensive course will focus on planning museums including collections of antiquities, especially ancient inscriptions, and communicating...
29.10.2014 News

Restoration of bronzes from Yemen

Some of the bronze artifacts lent by the Military Museum of Sana have been definitively restored. The bronzes had been lent to the UniPi within the framework of a cultural cooperation agreement supported by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affaires in order to restore and make them known to the...
14.10.2014 News

DASI: newly catalogued inscriptions

In the last months, DASI project has digitized in its online archive nearly 200 Ancient South Arabian inscriptions. The entire ASA epigraphic collection of the Louvre Museum is now accessible for fruition, as well as the corpora of the inscriptions published in the volumes Problemi storici della...
10.10.2014 News

SUM14B Report

The second campaign carried out in 2014 at Khor Rori started on 21th March and finished on 5th June. The excavation activity were performed in the western area of the city, inside the so-called “Monumental Building 2” and east of this structure, in order to understand the relations with...
8.10.2014 News

2014 last campaign at Khor Rori

The last archaeological and architectural campaign of 2014 was started on September, 20th and will end on November, 13th. The main goal of this campaign is the clarification of the function of the so-called “Monumental Building 2” and its connections with the surrounding structures. On the East...
28.09.2014 News

Training course on restoration and cataloguing

The cultural cooperation between the University of Pisa and the Military Museum of Sana is going on. A training course will be held at the University of Pisa, Dipartimento di Civiltà e Forme del Sapere from September, 29th to October, 24th and will be attended by officers of the Museums. The...
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