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10.10.2014 News

SUM14B Report

The second campaign carried out in 2014 at Khor Rori started on 21th March and finished on 5th June. The excavation activity were performed in the western area of the city, inside the so-called “Monumental Building 2” and east of this structure, in order to understand the relations with...
8.10.2014 News

2014 last campaign at Khor Rori

The last archaeological and architectural campaign of 2014 was started on September, 20th and will end on November, 13th. The main goal of this campaign is the clarification of the function of the so-called “Monumental Building 2” and its connections with the surrounding structures. On the East...
28.09.2014 News

Training course on restoration and cataloguing

The cultural cooperation between the University of Pisa and the Military Museum of Sana is going on. A training course will be held at the University of Pisa, Dipartimento di Civiltà e Forme del Sapere from September, 29th to October, 24th and will be attended by officers of the Museums. The...
17.09.2014 News

EAGLE 2014 International Conference

The application of ICT in the fields of epigraphy and edition of texts are the main topics of the EAGLE 2014 International Conference on Information Technologies for Epigraphy and Digital Cultural Heritage in Ancient World. The event is organized by EAGLE, the Europen network aiming at creating an...
16.09.2014 News

15th Afro-Asiatic Meeting

The Afro-Asiatic Meetings are a fruitful opportunity of debate for scholars who deal with this wide linguistic groups of languages spanning over Africa and Asia, from the 3rd Millennium BC to our days. Over the years they have been promoting discussion and debate on the synchronic, diachronic or...
2.09.2014 News

Oman: Faces and Places

When Aida Al Rowas came to the Sultanate of Oman in November 1977, it was a quite different country. Invited with a group of journalists for the Seventh National Day to Muscat, she ventured into the hearthland, capturing with her camera "places and faces" met along her way. The result of this...
26.08.2014 News

Applications invited at KCHR

The Kerala Council for Historical Research is an autonoumous research centre of the University of Kerala having bilateral academic and exchange agreements with various universities and research institutes in India and abroad. For the year 2014-'15 the KCHR offers several positions: -...
30.06.2014 News

DASI workshop on geographic data

The next workshop organized within the project DASI wil focus on geographic information about the archaeological sites of South Arabia. Dr. Jérémie Schiettecatte from CNRS Mondes Sémitiques – UMR 8167 will present the tool of spatial modeling (GIS) he has developed in order to study the...
16.06.2014 News

Bilqis: the 4th issue is now online

A great part of this issue is dedicate to the Hadramawt region. Indeed the ancient port of Qani' is located in this region. The underwater exploration in the bay north of the Husn-al-Gurab, conducted in the 90s by the Missione Archeologica Italiana dell’Istituto per l’Africa e l’Oriente, revealed...
28.05.2014 News

18èmes Rencontres Sabéennes

The 18th edition of the annual conference Rencontres Sabéennes will be held in St. Petersburg on June 4th – 7th. The Institute of Oriental Manuscripts and the State Hermitage will host the conference dedicated to Piotr Griavnevich et Avraam G. Lundin on the occasion of their 85th anniversary. ...
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