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25.10.2013 News

Rome and the Red Sea

A conference focused on relations between Rome and the South Arabia during the Imperial age will be held at the University of Pisa, Dipartimento di Civiltà e Forme del Sapere by Prof. Michael Alexander Speidel, from the University of Bern. The analysis of the sources related to the expedition of...
25.10.2013 News

ERC Information Day

The European Research Council, the body that encourage and fund high quality research in Europe through the Specific FP7 Programme 'Ideas', has organized an informative meeting in Naples, with the support of the Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, due to the huge amount of excellent...
20.10.2013 News

DASI Archive is online

DASI is the results of the five-year project funded by the European Community within the Seventh Framework Programme “Ideas”, Specific Programme “ERC – Advanced Grant” It aims at gathering all known pre-Islamic Arabian epigraphic material into a comprehensive online database which can be freely...
9.10.2013 News

"From the Red Sea to the Gulf" international workshop

The international workshop will deal with several topics related to the archaeological researches in the Gulf and in the Red Sea regions conducted by the Polish Center of Mediterranean Archaeology. Several panels will be organized, in order to stimulate discussion about the results of...
9.10.2013 News

MEDINA 3rd training course

The next training course, organized within the MEDINA Project, will be focused on conservation and communication of collections, especially epigraphic collections, in museums. Experts in the field of museology, restoration, marketing and communication will illustrate the most updated techniques to...
24.09.2013 News

Sumhuram and the west coast of India: important news about the trade relations

Close relations between Sumhuram and the ancient settlement of Muziris (today Pattanam) have been pointed out during the international seminar on "Imperial Rome, Indian Ocean Regions and Muziris", recently held in Irinjalakuda. The seminar added new insights to the investigation on the...
16.09.2013 News

Metallurgy at Sumhuram

The paper deals with compositional and microstructural features of 26 pre-Islamic, South Arabian coins recently unearthed during the archaeological excavations at Sumhuram (Khor Rori, southern Oman). Most of the coins analyzed were minted by the Hadramawt kingdom and few of them belong to the...
6.09.2013 News

Entre Carthage et l'Arabie heureuse

Inscriptions just discovered and studied or newly considered, studies of lexicography, onomastics and linguistics, issues related to ancient history, religion and the history of researches: those are the domains of the contributes that colleagues and friends, scholars specialized in history and...
4.09.2013 News

Bilqis: the 3rd issue is online

Many are the topics included in this issue, part of which is devoted to the island of Socotra with its naturalistic beauties and its traditional medicine. The remenbrance of the Treaty of Sana signed by Italy and Yemen in 1926 and the reactions of the coeval press allow readers to discover the...
3.09.2013 News

Restoration work at Sumhuram: campaign Sept-Dec 2013

The restoration activities, during this campaign, will basically regard the dismantling and the reconstruction of several masonry structures. In more detail, works will consist of:    - dismantling and rebuilding of the area A15;    - rising up of the walls M3, M12, M4;    - dismantling and...
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